Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Made This: Southwest Sunset Quilt


I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to have finished this project. I can't wait to send these gifts to the lucky little recipient up north. I can't wait to meet her, actually, that's what I really can't wait for. And I am just overall enthused about my second patchwork quilt project ever. (Remember the first one?) I love all the bells and whistles (literally, there are tiny jingle bells in the tabs along the edge). The idea for this quilt came from Nova from 'a cuppa and a catch up...' blog. Her idea for the little jingles was so clever and I just threw in a couple more extras like a silky patch up top for smooth little face snuggles, a loop along the edge for easy hanging on a hook, and a little note embroidered into one corner for my darling niece. And the embroidered cloud pillow... well it's just a nice little companion for the quilt. 

Seeing as I am so thrilled about this project, there are seeeeeeeveral photos to accompany the post.