Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i heart public library

I really dig this video... It's directed by Shoji Goto. The song is "UMO" by Japanese noise band OOIOO {whose front lady coincidentally is the wife of Goto and a crap ton more famous}. I had no idea who they were until I got home from the public library today. In recent months I  have discovered that my local branch of the public library has the most awesome music collection and you would never guess it. I've checked out albums by The Cave Singers, M.I.A., Sleigh Bells, Gang Gang Dance, Zola Jesus, Calexico... the list really goes on and on. This OOIOO album was a surprise, I just liked the cover. But check it out, I totally dig! Noise bands aren't everyone's cup of tea, and honestly I'll have to be in the right mood to really enjoy their albums, but what a jolt of creative juice. Plus this video is pretty much the poster-child for my concept of neo-folk {which is basically the intersection between folk art and contemporary art if you haven't read the 'What is neo-folk?' blurb yet}.

Other things I picked up from the public library today? Oh, you know just some books on calligraphy, quilting, and grant-writing. A little bit of everything, you know?

Also, the video is really much better here on Vimeo.

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