Wednesday, January 9, 2013

golden farm, cozy socks

Some shots from today's walk at the farm. Above is a cocoon of some type (ten points to anyone who can tell me what bug emerged from this encasing). Below, it's very hard to get close-up shots on these Sandhill Cranes as they are pretty wary of human (eh-hm, and dog) proximity. And furthest below is a golden sunflower skeleton, to remind us that there is beauty in death and in death there is always rebirth. Also, it's just very pretty.

Oh yes... and I crocheted some socks over the holidays. They are wonderful and were a relative breeze. I can't wait to make more in super fun color combinations. The pattern came from a somewhat goofy-lookin' book, Crocheted Socks! It's hard to look past the aesthetic choices of craft publishers and pattern writers at times... but you just have to imagine these patterns in your favorite colors or with a sweet embellishment of your own liking... They are a starting point for your own creativity.

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