Tuesday, December 11, 2012

made this: sit & play among the clouds quilt

I came across this darling appliquéd quilt on Pinterest a couple months ago. The quilt is designed by Nova from 'a cuppa and a catch up' blog, and it seemed like the perfect design to mimic for my little niece who was on her way.

Well, the little peach has since arrived and hustle with this project I must. So below are some in progress shots which show how the jingle bells are stitched into the side flaps (very clever, Nova) and how the edges of the appliquéd clouds are turned with ease. I printed the fabric myself, albeit messily, but like the way the yellow and the concentric circles feel like sunshine. The quilt itself is going to Vancouver, and the Pacific Northwest coastline, gorgeous as it is, can be quite gray at times, so hopefully this play quilt will be a joyful burst of color for my niece to grow up with.

So now that the appliqués and tabs are prepared and the top-piece printed, it's time to start the back-piece which will be a log cabin style patchwork complete with an embroidered secret and silky sash for cheek nuzzling. YAY!

And that there is Brian being super helpful as usual. He's starting to need glasses though... textiles and sewing can be such fastidious work.

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