Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn Strolls

I take so much pleasure in my neighborhood strolls here in the northeast quadrant of Albuquerque. This area is very suburban in style with cozy cul-de-sacs and corners lined with all manners of houses that you just know someone's grandma lives in. All the streets are tree-lined and there's never a park too far away. In the fall and spring these walks are especially lovely, and you can see why above. 

I've pictured here a couple spots where I like to sit and read or stitch in the park across the street. I've played tennis there once or twice as well. You can also see a couple of my favorite surprises from the neighborhoods- an old turquoise gate, a beloved VW Bug. And just this morning, during a quiet Sunday stroll with Brian leashed in one hand and a mug of apple cider snug in the other, I collected a pile of all the gorgeous types of foliage that inspire me on these walks.

Be present in your life, and your life will present you much happiness and beauty.

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