Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is a sketch I made many, many years ago of my childhood dog Fargo. He passed away earlier this year and I didn't have a chance for any goodbyes with the fluffy angel, so I put up this sketch that I found of him in my studio so I can look at him the way I remember him every day. I miss him dearly... and am sad that his smiling face won't be there to greet me the next time I'm in Montana. He was an amazing creature of the universe...

This makes me think about drawings and portraits... This quick, rough sketch is more powerful to me than any photograph I could have of Fargo, because that sketch captured not just what a moment looked like, but how it felt to me. And that feeling is there in the lines I drew with my hands... the feeling that that happy, loyal, silly mutt gave me. People say you can capture feeling with a camera, and I've seen it happen... but I think you capture a more intimate feeling, a much more personal feeling when you put an instrument to a page.

Just a thought.

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