Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspired by: Compositions

Kevin J. Miyazaki


Une kiwi-ette au Burkina Faso

I have been thinking about composition lately. It's a very important aspect of visual balance. I'm a very methodical person and I tend to spend a good amount of time planning a piece taking into consideration things like composition, color relationship, line quality, visual weight. And in order to help my own process along, I like to have references- either lists or images- to pull from. So these are a couple of my favorite compositions that I've come across lately on Pinterest.

Can you see why they are successful? For instance, using the top image by photographer Kevin J. Miyazaki as example, the photograph is weighted in the center by color and shape. The symmetry of the border, created by the windows and the cloth, reflects the same right angles in the central object. And the pink of the calendar is echoed in the walls. The balance is maintained further by the size of the windows in relation to the shape created by the fly-swatter and calendar as well as the strength of the calendar's color in relation to that of the walls.

Thinking about that, what makes the second two images balanced?

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