Wednesday, May 23, 2012

en Nuevo Mexico

 I take a lot of photos... mostly because I plan to share bits and pieces of a world different to folks who might be reading.

One of the reasons I love reading blogs so much is getting a glimpse into life somewhere else. I like seeing what experiences I have in common with other people and I also like seeing what experiences are peculiar to a certain place. 

So here you go... from top to bottom.

Yucca... the state flower of New Mexico. These beautiful monster plants are everywhere. A nickname for the plant is 'Ghost in the Graveyard'. Cool, aye?

My little balcony breakfast spot. I don't really eat breakfast out here, mostly I have a smoke in the evening with a glass of wine or in the mornings or afternoons I might scribble in a journal or read for a short while. My honey made that little table to go with the cafe chairs that we found on the street in San Francisco a couple years ago and finally got around to refinishing a few weeks ago.

Cholla... or jumping cholla or teddy bear cholla. This cactus is also native and everywhere in New Mexico. The flowers are gorgeous and the fruits turn bright yellow after the blossoms die. This morning as I was taking this picture, though, I got too close and just a slight brush against the spines left me looking like a porcupine. Youch.

And lastly... seed pods abound here. These are maple seeds. I love their shape, the texture of the 'wings', and that green just amazes me. A natural treasure indeed.

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  1. Jesse, I'm behind on reading your blog. Love the green winged hearts. The central image in the big painting in the great room is a yucca. We got it when we were in NM. It's called Yucca Pallette (Gary calls it When the Doodle Bug Sings).