Monday, May 21, 2012

arte por el correo

A couple weeks ago I received a note in my mailbox from the post office. It seemed I had something to pick up there... from New Zealand!

Well, let me tell you the most whimsical little package of tidbits was awaiting me there, indeed all the way from the land of the Kiwis. This joyful bundle came from mail artist, Erin Fae- a Brooklyn native who has found herself in Auckland running the awesome Alphabet City, "a community art space and gallery focused on the written word: letterpress printing, bookbinding, zines, printmaking, book arts and related forms."

The feeling I got, opening this envelope and discovering all the treasures within was one of the most exciting kinds. And it was so inspiring, on a gut level. This is what making art is about for me... instigating that exciting feeling of discovery. 

This experience also has me thinking about paying this moment forward. Hmmm... in the works already.

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