Monday, March 19, 2012

read a little

Picked up some books the other day while thrifting. I found an incredible spot where books are a quarter no matter what. Mostly bought classics, there's a reason they are so famous right? Looking forward to reading The Sea-Wolf by Jack London, but already picked up Bladerunner and am enjoying the change of pace. 

What's everyone else reading?


  1. I live in Albuquerque. Sure would like to know where the quarter bookstore is. I'm reading The Marriage Plot by Eugenides.

  2. Hi Miche,

    It's a charity shop on Lomas. I don't know the cross street but it's a couple blocks west of Sunflower Farmers Market. Does that help? Have fun!

  3. Yes. That helps. Many thanks. I've followed Mudbucket for a while and know you are fairly new here. Wish you lots of luck. BTW, I rent studio space at Ben McCracken's ceramic studio. It's a good spot--just in case you're looking.