Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Made This: Watercolor Doodles

I completed the first project from Heather Smith Jones' book Water Paper Paint the other night. Super fun. I have a little experience with watercolor but not enough to feel confident using it in my work. I love the ethereal quality of the medium and I thought it might lend itself nicely as a contrast to the sharp line drawings I love to do so much.  Project one in the book is all about getting your feet wet, quite literally. The top doodle was my first attempt, just getting the feel of things and I kinda went wild. The second doodle I followed the directions more closely using what I had learned from my first attempt. I'm happy with both of them and they make me excited for the rest of the book. I rarely find art instruction books that I think are great, but this one fits the bill and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in testing the waters of this medium. Buy it.

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