Monday, July 18, 2011

Made This: A Crude Coil Basket, in Neon Green

I made this coil basket last weekend. It's the first thing I've made since arriving in Albuquerque. I've been brushing up on some (really) basic basketry techniques recently. I think I learned the coil method of basket weaving in the 6th grade... geez, what is that like 15 years ago or something. I can't believe I still remember it, though truth be told, I think my pottery skills make it a heck of a lot easier. I have this stash of really funky 'novelty' yarns from my mom, she loves sending me one-skein-wonders, and it occurred to me they could be very interesting juxtaposed with lovely natural materials. This basket, and the first I made (months ago) are pretty crude. I think my base cord needs to be smaller and I need to find a nicer twine to work with. There will be more of these to come, surely.

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